Keeping Digital Devices Out of Your Kids' Bedrooms at Night

Do you let your kids take their cellphones, laptops, Kindles, iPads or video games to bed with them? If so, it's a good time to think about changing your family policies around digital devices at bedtime.

There are multiple problems with kids having digital devices in their bedrooms. Some of the problems parents have reported include: kids texting each other late into the night, updating Facebook postings at 3:00 AM, watching porn and becoming upset due to social media comments.

Also these digital devices interfere with relaxing and falling to sleep. According to the National Sleep Foundation, "Doing work, watching TV and using the computer, both close to bedtime and especially in the bedroom, hinders quality sleep. Violent shows, news reports and stories before bedtime can be agitating."

If you want to avoid the potential problems with your kids and their digital devices at bedtime, decide on a place and time that all devices should be turned in for the night. Some kids may wake up in the middle of the night to use these devices, to avoid that problem store the devices somewhere difficult to access like your bedroom.

photo credit: tbone_sandwich via photopin cc

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