How to Discipline When Children Misbehave

Your kids will misbehave and they will make mistakes. Mistakes are part of learning. Ultimately what they learn depends on how you respond.

What Are These Children Learning?

In a recent "Ask Amy" newspaper column a concerned neighbor wrote "What do you think about a parent who smashes and completely destroys kids’ electronic games and equipment (these were parent-approved gifts to these young children) because the kids were fighting over them? It seems to me that it might not be the best example of how to teach a child to deal with frustration. It actually sounds borderline violent and abusive to me!"

Amy chided the neighbor for not knowing what went on before the violence. She then provided an example of a mom who "had warned her kids about their television-watching habits and then, one day -- when she was trying to talk to them and they were ignoring her and watching the TV -- she pitched the television out the second-story window." Amy concluded "Violent? Yes. But it did the trick."

Destroying the equipment certainly solves the immediate problem. But what is the cost? Are these parents trying to help their children learn that it is acceptable to destroy property if they are really angry? Probably not.

Keeping Your Cool in Tough Situations

The parents in these situations acted on their feelings of rage. Once strong emotions take hold, one’s ability to think clearly is compromised.

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