Monitoring Moods Before And After Digital Activities

Do your kids enjoy spending time on digital activities like playing video games, watching videos or scrolling through Instagram? What do you notice about your kids' feelings and behavior after they've played a video game or been online?

Are they in a better mood or a worse mood? Do they feel more tired or more energized? Do they have difficulty focusing on other things, or do they seem to be able to concentrate better?

Do they get angry or frustrated at little things that would normally not bother them? When the digital activity is leading to a decrease in their well-being, it's time to make a change.

If you want help learning to set healthy limits for your kids, take a Priceless Parenting class. You’ll learn how to help your kids develop a healthy relationship with technology, and you’ll also get support from other parents who are trying to do the same thing.

Leaders Are Contributing to Kids' Gun Deaths

Giving young children access to guns is child abuse. And when that child or someone else dies as a result of that access, it’s murder.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem proudly proclaimed at last Friday's National Rifle Association convention that her almost 2-year-old granddaughter already owns firearms. Noem stated “Now Addie, who you know—soon will need them, I wanna reassure you, she already has a shotgun and she already has a rifle and she’s got a little pony named Sparkles too. So the girl is set up.” Noem's right ... Addie is set up to be killed or kill someone.

The only thing more outrageous than the fact that this happened is how often it does—and how little we do about it. In fact, the gun industry is marketing more guns specifically to children. CNN reports "Guns are the leading cause of death for US children and teens, since surpassing car accidents in 2020."

As parents and guardians, we are responsible for the safety of our children. We can help prevent these accidental deaths by making sure our kids don't have access to guns—and that includes taking steps like keeping them locked away from curious hands.

How can you help kids who are hurting?

When kids are hurting it's important to listen to them and validate their feelings. How have you helped your children feel heard and supported during difficult times? Check out the article "Helping Kids Who Are Hurting" for more ideas.

Moral Values Around Gun Violence

We all learn more from observing people's behavior than listening to their words. Words are easy.  Behavior reveals the truth. 

On March 27th, 2023 a 28-year-old used a semi-automatic rifle to kill three 9-year-olds and three adults at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. After the tragedy, children and parents went to the State Capital in Nashville to demand outlawing semi-automatic rifles. They were protesting for their right to life. 

Tragically Republican-led Tennessee belittled the kids for their protests. Tennessee Republican state William Lamberth spoke to student protestors and said "So you're not going to like my answer. I'm going to say that straight up; it's not about this one gun. If there is a firearm out there that you're comfortable being shot with please show me which one it is."

Really?!?! Lamberth believes it is appropriate to ask kids what type of gun they want to be killed with? What does his behavior tell you about his values? 

Three democratic Tennessee representatives joined thousands of children, teachers, and parents protesting against gun violence outside the Capitol. For their efforts, the Republican-led Tennessee House expelled two black representatives who marched in solidarity, Justin Jones and Justin Pearson. Somehow Tennessee representative Gloria Johnson, a white woman, escaped being expelled. What does their behavior tell you about their values? Racism ... you betcha! 

Your moral values underlie your words and behavior.  These real-life stories are a wonderful way to discuss your values with your kids.  What moral values are you passing on to your children?

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