Finding Effective Alternatives to Spanking Your Kids

When your children misbehave, it's natural to feel angry and frustrated. Your kids learn by experiencing how you handle your anger. If you choose to spank them, they remember that hitting others is a way to express anger.

A recent study was published on corporal punishment and discussed in a Deseret News article. "The study, which reviewed two decades of research on spanking, found that physical punishment has no positive long-term effects and many negative effects. According to the report, children who are spanked are more likely to exhibit depression, aggression, anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, drug and alcohol use and general psychological maladjustment."

If you could respond to your children's misbehavior in a way that was more effective and powerful than spanking, would you do it?  Most parents agree they would stop spanking if they had something equally or more effective. 

April 30th is International SpankOut Day. It was started in 1998 to raise awareness of the problems with spanking children and to provide alternatives.  Today you can learn those alternatives by taking one of  Priceless Parenting's online parenting classes - Ages 5 and Under, 6 to 12 or 13 to 18.  Start today!

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