Avoiding Saying Things You Soon Regret and They Don’t Forget

When you’re angry, you are far more likely to say something mean spirited to your children. You may say something that you regret almost as soon as you’ve said it.

One mom was furious with her middle school child’s behavior during a basketball game. She was one of the coaches for the game and he ignored her instructions while also causing problems for the team.

On top of that, he had a poor attitude in the car on the way home. This is when she lost it, swore at him and yelled “You are a disgrace to our family!” After calming down she regretted what she had said and apologized. However, he still remembered this incident years later.

Next time you’re angry, try having the fit in your head – don’t say anything out loud. Silent self-talk can save you from saying things you’ll soon regret and they won’t forget.

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