Do Your Kids Deeply Understand the Reasons Behind the Rules?

Living peacefully in a civil society requires rules. For example, when teens are learning to drive they learn many rules like what to do at a stoplight and the maximum speed to drive. Rules provide guidance and allow us to anticipate other people's behavior.

Games children play also have rules whether it's UNO or baseball. There are rules which all players must follow in order to play fairly. Games aren't much fun if some players refuse to follow the rules.

The Temptation of the Forbidden

While rules can serve as helpful guidance, they can also feel like big locks hiding buried treasure that are ever so tempting to try to pick. What treasure is so special that it needs such a big set of rules to protect it?

Doesn't hearing "Don't peak!" just make you want to peak? Rules can sometimes make the forbidden behavior even more attractive. It certainly adds to the excitement if you decide to break the rule!

It's natural for your children to want to test out the rules. They are curious to know what will happen if this rule is broken.

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