Don't Interrupt! Teaching Kids What To Do Instead

Do you ever find your kids interrupting you when you are having a conversation with someone else? Are you tired of telling them that they need to wait?

One mom was quite tired of her 4-year-old twins trying to interrupt her whenever she was talking to another adult. She solved the problem by teaching them to put their hand on her when they wanted her attention and then to wait.

When they would fall back into trying to verbally interrupt her she would remind them “That won’t work.” They soon learned that the only thing that did work was to put their hand on her and wait their turn. They were rewarded with her full attention when it was their turn.


Liz said...

that's a great idea, but my trouble is that the longer I make my 4yo "wait" the louder her impatience gets so that it's almost more rude to the adult I'm speaking with to continue ignoring my child. sigh. parenting! lol

Kathy Slattengren said...

Liz, you are right that 4-year-olds need lots of practice waiting - and don't naturally wait quietly! This mom said if her kids got louder, she would quietly repeat "that won't work".

I think giving your child attention soon after she puts her hand on you would reinforce that this new behavior.

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