Stop Yelling, Start Empathizing

One mom explained how her daughter, Megan, was struggling with many of her classmates at school. They tended to tease her or ignore her. She responded by yelling at them about their mean behavior. This only made the situation worse.

Megan’s parents recognized that they also had a role in the problem because they both often yelled at Megan at home. The behavior they were modeling was exactly what Megan was doing at school.

They all became more aware of their yelling when they started adding a sticker to a chart on the refrigerator whenever they yelled. Whoever had the most stickers at the end of the week was responsible for making the Sunday dinner and planning a fun activity for after dinner.

Soon there was a lot less yelling at home. Things started turning around at school too when Megan realized that her reaction to her classmates was adding fuel to the fire.

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