Tyrannical Tot

A grandmother wrote to “Ask Amy” expressing concern over her 3-year-old grandson’s lack of discipline.
“The parents have opted for a ‘no-spank’ approach to child discipline, which I support. However, what I see is essentially no discipline. They say things like, ‘That’s not nice’ and ‘You shouldn’t do that,’ but I don’t see any consequence for wrong behavior.” She goes onto say “My husband and I have a hard time sitting and saying nothing in what is basically a child-run home.”
Having a young child calling the shots at home is definitely a recipe for disaster! While Amy recommends a parenting book, many people need more than just a book to help them change their behavior.

Fortunately, parents can take the 7 week Priceless Parenting online class to develop new parenting skills. Each week covers a different set of skills and has a “Trying It Out” section to help parents work on applying these new skills. The class is always available as an online self-study course and is offered starting February 22nd with more interaction with the instructor and other parents.

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I'll check this one out. Everything for the sake of a good parenting I usually consider. Thanks for sharing some cool parenting stuff here. By the way, it might interest you too to have your own free and easy to manage parenting forum. Good luck.

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