Preview New 2010 Priceless Parenting Training

We all want the best for our kids, and it is frustrating when kids don't cooperate and we are not having fun together. We should be having fun together.

2010 is a new year and it is time to add some new approaches to training. I am thrilled about the improvements and I can't wait to tell you about the revised training program. You will see parenting skills and kids' behavior improve daily. But I am getting ahead of myself.

First it is important to share my parenting philosophy, which is the foundation of Priceless Parenting training. When you get to know me a little bit, you can decide if we belong on the same parenting team. Our 2010 improvements will only be valuable to you if we share similar objectives for parenting our children.

Please watch this short video and tell me what you think in the comments below.

In a few days I will post more information about the training. If you'd like to receive these informational emails from me, please opt-in to the "New Parenting Solutions" email list. If you opt-in, I will send you my Priceless Parenting Cheat Sheet, which provides important topics of the training, including training tips for parents.

I will get back to you in a few days with a detailed description of the training program, including what's new for 2010.

Warm Regards,

Kathy Slattengren

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