Problems with bed-wetting

A mom recently wrote asking for suggestions regarding her 4-year-old daughter’s problem with wetting the bed. She has tried a number of things like limiting drinks after 7:00 but nothing seems to be helping.

According to Pediatrician Dr. Scott Cohen, bed wetting is very common in children up to six-years-old. He explains some of the causes and possible interventions in this video on bed wetting.

Realizing this is a common problem which most children outgrow will hopefully help ease your anxiety if your child wets the bed.


Kristin said...

Hi Kathy,

Regarding your post on teenagers, I think it's really hard to determine how much and what kind of responsibility/choices to give to a pre-teen. My eleven year-old thinks he's ready for everything, so I find myself suddenly needing to set different limits than I did with him throughout the past few years. Can you give some thoughts on how to give a pre-teen some latitude while still maintaining my own feeling of safety/trust?


Kathy Slattengren said...

Good question Kristin! We’ve tried to continually give our children more responsibility as they’ve grown older. You are right that it can be scary to let them make their own decisions. I continually remind myself that my goal is to let them develop confidence and capability in making their own decisions (which includes letting them make poor decisions and learn from the consequences). I want them to think independently so that when I’m not around they are still making excellent decisions. My son is 12-years-old and some of the things he has responsibility for are:
* All homework and school related tasks
* When/how to get his daily chores done
* When to go to bed, when to get up
* Making breakfast, lunch (or deciding to buy lunch at school) and snack – including the scary task of boiling water!
* How to spend or save his money

My 16-year-old daughter will soon have many responsibilities around driving … that’s another scary area!

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