What was my teenager thinking?

Teenagers can act in ways that leave parents exasperated! Teens are often impulsive or take risks without fully understanding the consequences of their behavior.

Recent research has shown that it takes about 25 years for a person’s brain to fully develop. If you’re interested in how the brain develops and the impact of this on teenage behavior, watch this video by Dr. Ken Winters:


Parents can help prepare kids for being teenagers by allowing them to have plenty of responsibility and make mistakes when they are younger. Learning to think through choices and possible consequences is an important skill for pre-teens to develop.

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Laura McCann said...

You left a comment on my blog several months ago, Kathy, and I just checked out your blog. What a great resource for parents! I can't believe this was sitting at my fingertips all this time and I had missed it! You are now on my blogroll and I will check in on you with regularity!;D I am so glad I found you!

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