Thursday, October 30, 2008

Successfully establishing a co-parenting plan

Going through a divorce is certainly difficult and when kids are involved it is even more challenging. One key to regaining structure under the new circumstances is to document which parent has responsibility for the children on a daily basis including holidays. After going through a divorce herself and realizing the importance of a documented parenting plan, Beth Fischer, CEO of Kidlink, created a comprehensive Parenting Plan document plus a one page Parenting Time document. According to Fischer, "To establish a parenting time schedule is to regain structure for a broken family. It is the most important thing that can happen in any court case involving children."

She has kindly provided both the Parenting Plan and the Parenting Time documents in a Word format that can be downloaded and completed. The Parenting Plan includes the parenting time schedule plus a broad range of other information: judge’s name, court address, children’s names, social security numbers, schools, who has decision making authority over things like medical care, how expenses like school meals will be divided, locations/times for exchanging the children, health insurance information, income tax deduction, photographs and thumbprints of the children. These documents can help establish important boundaries for co-parents.


Cana said...

Yes, even parents got divorced, still can be good parents as long as they take the responsibility of parenting. I totally agree to have a "co-parenting pan" is a great idea to show parents' commitment.

Unknown said...
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Nicole Whatley said...

I LOVE th schedules you have. I was able to get the Time Schedule but not the parenting plan. ??

Nicole Whatley said...

I was able to get the Time Schedule but not the parenting plan, Is there a way i can get it??

Thank you :)

Kathy Slattengren said...


I'm sorry that link was broken. I've fixed it in the post and here is the link to the parenting plan: