Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tyrannical Tot

A grandmother wrote to “Ask Amy” expressing concern over her 3-year-old grandson’s lack of discipline.
“The parents have opted for a ‘no-spank’ approach to child discipline, which I support. However, what I see is essentially no discipline. They say things like, ‘That’s not nice’ and ‘You shouldn’t do that,’ but I don’t see any consequence for wrong behavior.” She goes onto say “My husband and I have a hard time sitting and saying nothing in what is basically a child-run home.”
Having a young child calling the shots at home is definitely a recipe for disaster! While Amy recommends a parenting book, many people need more than just a book to help them change their behavior.

Fortunately, parents can take the 7 week Priceless Parenting online class to develop new parenting skills. Each week covers a different set of skills and has a “Trying It Out” section to help parents work on applying these new skills. The class is always available as an online self-study course and is offered starting February 22nd with more interaction with the instructor and other parents.

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