Carving Out Time for the Most Important Things

Being a parent means your days are filled to overflowing with all the tasks that are required to keep your family running: making meals, doing dishes, driving kids to activities, washing clothes and working. These daily duties can leave you with little time for doing fun things with your kids.

It’s easy to say things like:

  • “I’ll play a game with the kids tomorrow.”
  • “We’ll go fishing together soon.”
  • “I’ll bake cookies with the kids next week.”

The things that are the most important are also often the ones that are the easiest to postpone. The problem is that sometimes the delay is so long that you miss the opportunity. Your children will not want to have a tea party or play catch with you forever. They quickly grow up. If you want to share special times with your children, you must intentionally carve out the time to do these things.

Remembering the Good Times

Parents attending a seminar were asked to think back to their own childhoods and remember someone who loved them. They were asked how that person showed their love.

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