Your Kids Will be Imitating You

When are kids old enough to start imitating you? As soon as they’re born! Researcher Andrew Meltzoff experimented with newborns to see how they’d respond if he stuck his tongue out at them. They stuck their tongues out too!

Your children are watching and learning from you all the time. Do babies and toddlers notice when you are on the phone? Yes! Early child care providers report an increase in toddlers who use blocks and other toys to imitate their parents talking on a cellphone.

Children repeat what they hear us saying and see us doing. This little fact helped me clean up my language after having kids. If I slipped up and said something that I wished my kids wouldn’t repeat, that’s the first thing they’d seem to say when someone came over.

Has the fact that your kids will imitate you inspired you to make any changes?

photo credit: mliu92 via photopin cc

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