Reminding Yourself of How You Want to Parent

A mom taking an online parenting class called to discuss how it was going. She loved the new ideas she was learning. These approaches were quite different than how she was raised in India where her parents gave her orders and she simply obeyed. Giving her own 6-year-old daughter orders wasn’t working well so she took this class to learn new approaches.

She discovered ideas that worked really well with her daughter. However, she quickly learned that it was easy to accidentally switch back to her old parenting ways. She decided to help herself and her husband remember how they wanted to parent by writing some key ideas down on notes. She then posted these notes throughout her house.

She’s found that having the notes around really help her out. She removes the notes when they have guests over and then puts them back up once the company leaves. These little notes are doing a great job reminding her of the new skills she wants to use with her daughter.

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