How to Parent In Ways That Are Truly Helpful, Not Hurtful

Many parents wish their children came with an owners manual to tell them how to handle the tough situations without breaking a sweat! While that manual doesn't exist, there is a universal body of research and knowledge about how effective parents raise respectful, responsible children.

The new How To Parent In Ways That Are Truly Helpful, Not Hurtful book captures this knowledge. Practical ideas for building a positive family life are presented through real parenting stories. Below are some of the ideas you'll find in this book.

Chapter 1: Guiding and Encouraging Children

Creating a positive tone in your home (p. 13)
Identifying conversation roadblocks (p.15)
Guiding children to solving their own problems (p. 23)

Chapter 2: Parenting Behaviors to Avoid

Replacing yelling at children with calmer responses (p. 45)
Understanding problems caused by bribing children (p. 48)
Finding out how to avoid food battles (p. 51)

Chapter 3: Responding Positively to Misbehavior

Getting children to respond the first time you make a request (p. 66)
Discovering how to stay out of power struggles (p. 70)
Shaping the desired behaviors you want (p. 74)

Chapter 4: Building Your Kid's Life Skills

Developing habits to succeed in school (p. 87)
Helping children figure out how to fit in (p. 93)
Replacing negative self talk with positive thoughts (p. 95)

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