Lying, Cheating and Stealing

Lying, cheating and stealing are some of the behaviors you do not want to see in your children. So how do you teach your children to be honest?

Being honest is much more difficult than it initially might sound. Being human and being honest don’t naturally go together.

Dan Ariely, a professor at Duke University, has devised clever experiments to measure dishonesty. He details his findings in his book, The Honest Truth About Dishonesty: How We Lie to Everyone---Especially Ourselves. For example, when given the opportunity to cheat on a test to solve math matrices, the average person reports solving 70% more problems correctly than the control group who couldn’t cheat. Wow!

When Kids Start Lying

It’s a developmental milestone when a child learns to lie. Researchers have found that most children reach this milestone by age 3. Lying is possible once children realize that the information they have is different than the information other people have.

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