Creating a Simple Book to Help Kids Cope with Tough Situations

Are there situations that are especially stressful for your children? It might be when one parent goes away for a few days for work, going to the doctor, the first day of school or moving to a new home.

One way to help your children better understand the situation and cope with it is to create a simple book about it. For example, if your child finds it difficult when one parent is away from home for a few days for work, you could help your child create a book about it.

Begin by finding or taking pictures that tell the story –

  • The parent waving good-bye
  • A car arriving at the airport
  • A plane flying in the sky
  • The parent working in an office
  • Your child talking to the parent on the phone
  • The parent flying back home
  • A big welcome home hug

Next attach these pictures to paper and write a sentence or two about what’s going on and how the child feels. Staple the book together and be prepared to read it many times!

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