Compromising with Your Kids

Gina felt strongly that she did not want her children using play guns. A member of Gina’s family had been killed with a gun and she wanted her kids to know guns were not play things. She knew too well how guns can cause death.

However, her young son really wanted a squirt gun so that he could play with the other boys in the neighborhood. Gina explained that it was still a gun and so he couldn’t have it. He begged her to please let him have one.

Realizing how much this meant to him, Gina sat down with Jake to discuss possible compromises. They decided that if Jake got a squirt gun that was brightly colored and clearly a kids’ water toy, Gina could be comfortable with that. They went to the store and found the perfect brightly colored squirt gun and both of them were happy.

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Robert Kinney said...

Kids will be kids. Always wanting something to fit in with other kids. My son is the same although in his case, he actually wants internet connect for the house.

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