10 Ways to Achieve Rock Star Status as a Parent

Do you want to be an awesome parent? Here are 10 ways you can show up for your kids and be a rock star parent!

Rock star parents …
  1. Know that they are human and make mistakes. They don’t expect perfection from themselves or their kids.
  2. Every day they do their best to provide loving care for their children.
  3. When their children make mistakes, they help them learn from those mistakes and make amends.
  4. They take care of themselves so that they are not running on empty but rather have bounty to share with their children.
  5. They spend some time every day really listening to their children.
  6. They focus on their children’s strengths instead of their weaknesses knowing that their children will ultimately build their lives on their strengths.
  7. They expect their children to be contributing members of the family by helping out with the tasks needed to keep the family running.
  8. They focus on building strong, loving relationships with their children so that the kids behave because they want to behave, not because they are afraid of their parents’ wrath.
  9. When they make promises to their children, they follow through on those promises.
  10. They allow their children to do whatever they are capable of doing and teach them the skills needed to launch successfully on their own.
What other ways do you think parents become rock stars? Add your thoughts in the comments below!


Janis said...

They are not afraid to be silly and laugh with their kids..


Kathy Slattengren said...

Great addition Janis! I love being silly and laughing with my kids.

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