Teens – Joy or Terror?

I recently met a mom who declared that all 15-year-old boys should be sent away from their families to an outdoor camp. She made this declaration based on the problems she was experiencing with her own son plus the ones she saw friends with teens struggling to handle.

When things go wrong in the teen years, it causes families enormous amounts of stress and strife – something we’d all like to avoid. How can you increase the possibility that your children will have fairly smooth sailing through the teen years?

Work hard when they are young to develop their ability to make wise decisions. Allow them to make many decisions and experience the consequences of those decisions. Barry LePatner puts it this way "Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment."

Are your kids getting the experience they need to grow into responsible teens? Prepare now for amazingly wonderful teens!

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the Moms said...

I have found that the way to deal with my teens is to make them feel as if they came up woth the idea, instead of forcing my idea down their throat. My teens both have the interesting habit of beahving like sweetness and light out of the home, while inthe home they can be terrors. But as they grew older (one is 14 the other is 17) they have learned that they just get no where with me or their father if they behave like wildebeats.
Nancy www.teenaged-411.blogspot.com

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