Insist on Being Treated with Respect

Why is it so important that your children treat you with respect? Because if they don’t, they also won’t treat other adults with respect!

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was also teaching first graders at church once a week along with three other adults. We struggled the entire year to get the kids to cooperate. Many of the kids wouldn’t do even the simple things we asked them to do like gathering in a circle so we could play a game.

I was very frustrated by their lack of respect for me as a volunteer teacher. And I noticed one thing - the kids who were disrespectful to me were also disrespectful to their parents when their parents came to pick them up.

When you insist that your children treat you with respect, you also teach them how to treat others with respect. This is a lesson worth teaching!


Jean Tracy, MSS said...

Kathy, your parenting classes are tops.

As parents we need to model the good manners we teach. In other words, we need to live the life we want our kids to see and repeat.

When our kids speak with disrespect, we must say, "Wait, say that with a voice and words that are respectful."

Kathy Slattengren said...

Thanks Jean!

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