Traveling with tots

Whether taking a young child to a restaurant or on a plane trip, you have your hands full keeping your child entertained and behaving appropriately. One mom shared that her key to success was creating a special plastic box to take along on these occassions.

In this box she put simple things that would entertain her 2-year-old daughter for quite awhile:
  • an empty snap top pill bottle
  • a empty screw top lotion bottle
  • an old cellphone
  • a squishy ball
  • a few silly strings
  • painter's tape
A number of moms chimed in that painter's tape was a favorite with their children. Ripping little pieces of the tape and creating art in various places was a popular activity.

By having a box filled with everyday items, she kept her young daughter happily playing away!


Chuck said...

Thank you for sharing this list. I forget now that my daughter is seven of the useful items to take when traveling. Have a great day!

Jean Tracy, MSS said...

With so many of us parents traveling with kids, your ideas are fun and useful. Many thanks.

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