From babies to graduating seniors

Last night my daughter graduated from high school. I felt so proud and happy realizing what a wonderful person she's blossomed into. I also felt sad knowing this is a turning point. She will leave for college in August and our family will never be the same.

She's been an awesome teen and a lot of fun to be around. One day a couple months ago I came home to the delicious smell of homemade bread she had just made. I told her this was why she couldn't leave for college!

However, it will soon be time for her to leave. How did so much time go by so quickly? I remember when she was born my parents told me to enjoy every minute because she'll grow up too fast. They were right! Although the days are sometimes long, the years go by fast.

Wherever you are in raising your children take time today to have fun with them. You will never regret the happy times you've spent with your children.

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