Helping Children Shine

When we recognize and appreciate our children's unique talents, we can support them in following their own dreams and passions. 


Kidlutions(tm): Solutions for Kids said...


This truly is priceless! I'm going to recommend it to all of my twitter followers!

Interesting, we recently had a similar situation with my 12 y.o. dtr. She has been begging us to allow her to pole vault. We said no, initially. She persisited. We finally realized it was our fear that we were letting stand in the way of HER dream/goal. We reconsidered...and she will now be pole vaulting. I'll be cheering from the sidelines, while trying to not grit my teeth!


Keep shining bright!

Wendy Young, LMSW, BCD

Kathy Slattengren said...

Thanks for your feedback Wendy. I wish you all the best as the mom of a pole vaulter! It's never easy to watch your child participate in a sport where she can really get hurt. I've held my breath plenty of times while watching my daughter perform gymnastics beam routines. Yikes!

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