Choking game is no game

There are some games that teens should never play and one of those is the Choking Game. This is no game; it involves suffocating on purpose with the goal of feeling a head rush. Unfortunately, kids die or are seriously injured every year doing this.

Families who have been affected by this game have started an organization called G.A.S.P. (Games Adolescents Shouldn’t Play) to educate others. Their goal is to help other families avoid suffering a tragedy caused by the Choking Game. According to their site, these are the kids who are playing the choking game:

“Mostly boys and girls between 9-16 years old, nationwide and around the world. These adolescents are generally high-achieving in academics, activities and sports, and don’t want to risk getting caught with drugs or alcohol. The practice is taught through word of mouth and through the internet.”

They’ve put together a very powerful video about the Choking Game. By knowing the facts you will be in a better position to discuss this serious issue with your children.

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