Suffering from Wii-gression?

A mom recently told me that her son was suffering from Wii-gression. What? Some new disease I’ve never heard of before?

Yes. She explained it is caused by a child getting a Wii game system and once again having meltdowns and tantrums – behaviors that had been extinguished years ago. These meltdowns happen most often when it is time to shut the game off. Unfortunately not all games have a “save” feature so shutting it off after playing for an hour causes significant stress due to the fact any progress in the game is lost.

Her son was especially upset because he was working hard to get to the next level in the game. She talked to him about her concerns regarding shutting the game down and how it seemed like the game was causing more pain than joy. The solution they came up with was that for games that didn’t have a save feature, he would play with the game but not try to get to the next level.

Have you experienced a similar problem? How did you solve it?

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