Smoothly Transitioning Back to School

Transitioning from the laid-back, flexible summer schedule to the intense school schedule can be tough for both you and your kids. Whereas summer days have few deadlines, school has daily deadlines from getting to school on time to turning homework in. No wonder it’s a difficult change to make!

Even if you or your kids are looking forward to fall and school starting, the ending of summer can bring up feelings like sadness, grief and anxiety. All transitions involve an ending. It’s hard to have something you enjoy come to an end. You may still wish to hold onto the summer even as it slips away.

Making the Transition to School Mornings Easier

The first day of school is a stark reminder that transition is here, like it or not! How can you plan ahead to make the transition as smooth as possible for both you and your kids?

One place to start is to look at your morning routine. What does your ideal school morning look like? What drives you crazy in the morning?

Do any of these things stress you out?

  • Screaming at your kids to get out of bed?
  • Seeing wet towels left on the floor?
  • Rushing around in a desperate attempt to find library books that are due?
  • Arguing over appropriate clothes to wear to school?
  • Scrambling to complete school forms that are due?
  • Nagging your kids to brush their teeth?
  • Reminding your kids for the umpteenth time to hurry up so they aren’t late?

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