Limiting Your Kids' Screen Time to Avoid Toxic Brain Problems

Are your kids getting more than two hours a day of entertainment screen time? If so, you may be noticing problems in their behavior due to the toxic effects of too much screen time.

Are you seeing any of these problems?
  • Your child prefers spending time with screens over spending time with friends.
  • Your child complains about nothing to do when not using a screen.
  • Your child finds it hard to be in the moment due to wanting to get back to a screen.
  • Your child is irritable, angry or anxious when not using a screen.
  • Your child is struggling in school.
  • Your child would rather be on a screen than do something fun with you.
If you feel like there's a problem with your kids' screen time, it's time to take action. But how? Dr. Victoria Dunckley has created a free "Save Your Child's Brain" email class which walks you through the process of creating more balance in your child's screen usage. Will it be work? Yes! Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

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