Not Having Enough Time with My Kids

A mom wrote that her biggest parenting challenge is not having enough time with her kids. What an important realization! This is a problem worth solving. Your kids blossom when they have plenty of your time and you feel more relaxed.

Although I don’t know this mom’s personal situation, I do know that it is worth getting creative to figure out how to free up more time to be with her kids. Your kids keep growing and changing every day and there is no way to get that precious time back once it’s gone.

Have you found ways to free up more time so you can be with your kids? While each person’s situation is different, freeing up more time often involves things like

  • Changing work schedules or situations (like no longer traveling for work)
  • Letting less important tasks slip (perhaps the house won’t be quite as clean!)
  • Asking neighbors, friends or relatives for help
  • Finding ways to involve your kids in your tasks (like including them in meal preparation)

You can guarantee that in 10 years you won’t look back and wish you had kept the bathrooms a little cleaner. However, you will look back and appreciate the memories of spending time with your kids.

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