Priceless Preschools Provides Continuing Education for Child Care Providers

If you are a preschool teacher or child care provider, you play a critically important role in the lives of many children. What you do during the hours you spend with these children literally wires their brains.

Your work requires you to complete continuing education in order to prepare for the ongoing challenges you face. Now you can learn at your pace and place through online classes from Priceless Preschools.

These classes are specifically designed to bring the latest research together with practical applications for your classrooms. All classes involve video, answering questions and applying the new ideas to your classrooms.

What classes are available?

We are pleased to announce the first four classes:

• Anger and Consequences Versus Empathy and Solutions
• Communicating with Babies and Toddlers Using Sign Language
• Learning Through Experimenting for Babies and Preschoolers
• Understanding the Impact of Media on Babies and Preschoolers

Each class is worth two hours of credit and costs $29.

How Can I Sign Up?

Learn more about each class and register at Priceless Preschools.

Are you a teacher or child care provider in Washington State?

If you work in Washington state and participate in the STARS system, you will receive two hours of STARS credit in the MERIT system. Washington state also provides reimbursement up to $100/year for continuing education. You can learn more at the Washington Association for the Education of Young Children's site.


If you have any questions, feel free to call 425-770-1629 or email

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