Turning Summer Boredom into Opportunities to Grow and Learn

How will your children be spending their time this summer? Summer vacation with time off from school provides many opportunities for growth, fun and also trouble. It's the trouble that you want to avoid!

Concerns about How Kids Will Spend Their Free Time

Some parents look forward to the unstructured time their children can enjoy during the summer while others worry about how their children will fill those extra hours. What are your greatest concerns about the amount of free time your kids have during the summer?

When I recently asked a group of parents some of their concerns were:
  • Spending too much time watching TV
  • Arguing more due to having so much time together
  • Kids being home alone
  • Going to a friend's house where there is no adult supervision
  • Knowing what they are really doing when they are away from home
  • Playing too much Xbox or other video games
  • Forgetting what they've learned in school
  • Struggling to figure out what to do that doesn't involve watching a screen
  • Not wanting to read because "I'm not in school now."
  • Getting into a routine that will be difficult to break when school starts again
A number of the concerns these parents expressed revolve around the fact that they and their children have different priorities.

Developing a Plan for a Successful Summer

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