Parenting vows

When a couple is married, they take wedding vows promising how they will treat each other and live together. When a child is born, no such vows are typically taken. However, if you were to make a vow to your child, what would you say?

Below is what I would say. Click the picture if you'd like to print out a copy. What would you vow to your child?

We, _______________________________,
welcome you, _______________________________,
as our beloved child.
We promise to
love you unconditionally,
feed you nutritiously,
protect you from harm,
treat you with respect,
guide you in learning from mistakes,
laugh with you,
play with you,
comfort you in times of sadness,
encourage you to develop your talents,
support you in striving to achieve your goals,
be open and honest with you,
and be there for you for the rest of our lives.

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