How much is your teen revealing on Facebook?

Do your kids have Facebook accounts? If so, do you know how much someone can find out about them?

I’m amazed by how many kids share their Wall with “Friends of Friends”. One 13-year-old girl had “Everyone” for her Wall but backed it down to “Friend of Friends” after I spoke to her mom (I recommended “Friends Only”).

I’m not her friend but I know:
  • She was up the other day at 3:48 AM and posted this fact to Facebook.
  • She’s not getting along with her parents.
  • She has a boy “stalking” her.
  • She recently changed her status from Married to Single.  She's interested in men.
  • She’s going to the school dance on Friday and getting a ride with Ian.
She has 169 friends. Even if these friends aren’t as popular and only have 100 friends each … that’s 16,900 people who have access to her Wall. Do you trust all these people with the information she’s freely posting?

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