Joy and Wonder From Children

What joy or wonder have your children brought you? Have you noticed moments or things because of them that you otherwise would have missed?

One of my favorite pictures of my son when he was young is where he has stopped to look at a slug. He’s totally engrossed in watching this slimy creature … something I would certainly have missed had I not been walking with him! His joy in watching the slug caused me to slow down and also enjoy that moment.

Now that he is a teen, he often shares his joy for music with me. He has introduced me to wonderful music that I would not have heard if not for him. What joy do your children bring you?


Carly Kear (Carly Elman) said...

I love this! Luna shows us so much wonder in her discoveries each day and I am so happy to be reminded to slow down. Yesterday she was a riot when she taught herself to somersault and proceeded to do them the whole day throughout the house. Hope you are well and that you can play with her soon!

Carly Kear (Carly Elman) said...

Dear Kathy,
Thanks for this post! Luna teaches us new things each day and keeps us laughing all the while. Yesterday, she taught herself how to do a somersault, and the rest of the day was filled with her rolling throughout the house- it was a riot. Hope to see you and the family again soon!

Kathy Slattengren said...

Hi Carly,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sorry I'm so late in responding ... we're looking forward to seeing you in August. I'm glad to hear Luna is keeping you laughing!


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