What’s worth shouting about?

When are you the most animated and emotional with your kids? Is it when they are misbehaving and doing something they know they shouldn’t be doing? Or is it when they are doing something right?

Most parents show their dynamic, expressive side when they are responding to misbehavior. For kids it’s like watching fireworks going off! How exciting!

One dad told me how he turned his relationship with his son around by changing when he emotionally reacted. He realized he expressed the most emotion when his son was misbehaving. He decided to get excited, including jumping up and down, when his son did the right things – getting dressed in the morning, putting his dishes into the dishwasher, cleaning up toys or sitting down to do homework.

At first his son thought it was a bit of an odd reaction. However he was delighted with the positive attention and his behavior improved!

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