Handling teenage problems

Teens are known for behaving in ways that provide challenges for the best of parents! Laura Kastner, a psychologist who helps families with teens, is very familiar with the problems many parents encounter.

Kastner and writer Jennifer Wyatt's book, Getting to Calm: Cool-headed Strategies for Parenting Tweens + Teens, provides great ideas for handling tough situations like these:
  • Your teen tells you he's sleeping over at a friend's house but he actually went to a concert
  • Your daughter refuses to do her chores
  • Your son is skipping classes and doing poorly in school
  • Your teen is acting demanding and unappreciative
  • You find out your teen is drinking or using drugs
There are realistic dialogs between parents and teens throughout the book.  These dialogs include comments analyzing some of the reasons behind the statements and the impact of those statements.  If you have a challenging tween or teen, I'd highly recommend reading this book.

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