Male teens views on relationships and sex

If you have a teenage son, the recent survey on "What Guys Think About Sex, Love, Contraception and Relationships" has some interesting data for you. Last fall's survey of 1,200 males ages 15-22 reveals that they value relationships ahead of sex. The survey also reports "Nearly 8 out of 10 guys say there is way too much pressure on them to have sex—from society, from their friends, and from girls. More than half say they are relieved when a girl doesn’t want to have sex and 45% say they’ve had sex and regretted it afterwards."

When they do have sex, they don't always use contraception.  Of those surveyed, 57% admit they've had unprotected sex.  If you don't want to join the 2 million plus grandparents raising their grandchildren, this fact alone may motivate you to talk to your son about contraception!  The guys also say that their parents influence their decisions about sex. Review the survey's six tips for talking to your son and get the conversation started!

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Interesting Data to share!

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