I’m going to start smoking

A mom told me a story about her 15-year-old daughter announcing one evening that she had decided she was going to start smoking. Although the mom strongly felt this was not a good idea, she resisted the urge to share her viewpoint. Instead she replied, “I hope smoking doesn’t interfere with your singing.”

The next morning when her daughter came down for breakfast she declared that she had decided against smoking because she really wanted to have the best singing voice possible. Her mom was thrilled that she had changed her mind! She was also happy she held herself back from giving her daughter a lecture about the evils of smoking.

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Liz said...

clever! and how great that the parent/child relationship illustrated is one of trust and openness so the daughter felt she could say such things to a parent (did they take the Priceless parenting course when their daughter was young?) thanks!

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