Books leading to deep discussions

Reading books together with your children can launch some wonderful discussions that would otherwise probably not happen. I recently read the book Willow by Julia Hoban. The book is about a 16-year-old girl who is driving her parents home when they get into an accident in which both parents are killed. The story describes her struggle to deal with the aftermath of this tragedy and how she turns to cutting herself as a way to deal with the pain.

It is a griping book that deals with a tough subject in a way that provides insight on some of life’s big issues. Reading this book with your teen could lead to discussing things like:

  • Problems caused when serious feelings are held inside instead of expressed
  • Difficulties talking to someone about the death of someone they love
  • Skills involved in being able to listen compassionately
  • How people ignore “the elephant in the room” to avoid raising difficult issues
  • Importance of having true friends especially in challenging times

Teens are often ready and willing to tackle some of these complex issues and a book like Willow can open the door to some wonderful discussions.

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