Using a potty whistle

Sending your child alone into a public restroom can be scary for parents. However, there comes an age when your opposite-sex child can no longer accompany you in a public restroom. Most likely your child will be absolutely fine … but still, what if someone approaches your child inappropriately?

I recently heard a talk about child safety from Sabrina Sessa with P.E.A.C.E. of Mind. Sabrina suggested carrying a “potty whistle” and giving the whistle to children whenever they need to go into a public restroom alone. Provide instruction on when to use the whistle and let your children know that you will immediately come into the restroom if they blow the whistle. It may also be helpful to establish a consequence a head of time if the whistle is blown in a non-emergency situation just for fun.

This simple idea would have given me more peace of mind when my children were young!

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