Your child’s brain development

Researchers now know that the actual development of a child’s brain, especially emotional area of the limbic system, is directly affected by the amount of love and attention given by parents. According to three professors of psychiatry, the authors of A General Theory of Love, “A child’s brain cannot develop normally without the coordinating influence that limbic communication furnishes. The coos and burbles that infants and parents exchange, the cuddling, rocking, and joyous peering into each other’s faces look innocuous if not inane; one would not suspect a life-shaping process in the offing. But from their first encounter, parents guide the neurodevelopment of the baby they engage with. “

Parents play a vital role in their child’s brain development. The love they show their babies by holding and cuddling them is actually essential to the babies’ survival. You can learn more about parents’ amazing influence on their children's brains in this book:

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