So Sexy So Soon

If you’re concerned with effects sexualized media is having on the behavior of young girls and boys, the book So Sexy So Soon can help sort through some of the issues. The authors identify a number of ways media is affecting young children’s views of their bodies and what constitutes appropriate behavior.

They provide numerous examples of behavioral problems occurring in both families and schools due to the sexual images children are frequently exposed to. While they document these problems, they also point to some potential solutions. The book includes various ideas for how parents can help their children navigate the sexualized culture we live in.


Anonymous said...

My did a lot of things wrong. This one they nipped in the bud. Easy they controlled what I wore. They bought it, in the end they decided.

Also, from an early age they would say ladies do not dress that way and point to scantily dressed girls. Our schools had dress codes as well and you went home if you violated it.

Even at 16 yes, I still lived at home and attended school and I was their responsibility. It called discipline.

Kathy Slattengren said...

Great point! Parents sometimes forget the control they have over the clothes their children own.

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