Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why take a parenting class?

One mom wrote asking why taking a parenting class is better than just learning from family, friends and neighbors. This is a fair question.

What makes a parenting class potentially more valuable than these other sources?
  • The information in parenting classes ideally comes from what researchers and experts have learned works best with kids.
  • Classes pull together the best information from a variety of sources and provide lots of ideas so you can choose what works best with your children.
  • The instructors have often looked at outcomes from different parenting practices and know what really are “best practices" in parenting.
  • You can learn about the normal developmental stages children go through along with common problems parents face at different stages in their children’s lives.
  • You can gain ideas for doing things differently than your parents did.
  • You can discuss what’s going on with your children with someone who is impartial.
Parenting is like continually taking on a new job! The initial training from the childbirth center typically involves taking care of the baby’s needs – baths, diapering, feeding, burping, calming techniques. However, as children grow their needs change. Parenting classes are a great way of getting the information you need when you need it.

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