Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Creating picky eaters

Some parents unintentionally encourage their kids to be picky eaters. How do they do this? One mom told me her story. Years ago she realized her young daughter liked a certain brand and type of bread, cheese and milk among other things. She exclusively bought these brands. In a few months, those were the only types of bread, cheese and milk her daughter would eat. If they went to someone else’s house for dinner, mom would bring along her daughter’s special food items.

Her daughter grew into a young adult who often could find nothing at a restaurant that she wanted to order. Likewise, when she was invited over to dinner at someone’s house, she ate very little since most of it wasn’t anything she was accustomed to eating. Since food is such an essential part of many gatherings, her limited tastes made for many awkward situations. The daughter is now working to try more foods, however in retrospect, she wishes she had mastered this skill years ago.
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